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What does Google know about me?

    A lot. Here’s a story I wouldn’t believe if it didn’t happen to me. Google knew I was going to break up with my girlfriend a month before I did.

    About 5 years ago I was dating a girl. Well, being 35 years old I should call her a woman. And we weren’t just dating, we lived together along with her 5 year old son from a previous marriage. I was happy (I thought). I was looking to settle down and she checked all the boxes. Pretty, open minded, came from an unbroken family, and wasn’t constantly trying to change me. It had been a year and I was ready to make it official. I asked her father for permission. I had saved for a down payment on a ring, so a Christmas proposal was eminent.

    Then one day all of Google’s ads for wedding rings were replaced with ads for Ashley Madison, porn, and dating sites. I was beyond weirded out as I hadn’t searched for anything like that. Maybe it was something in my conversations with friends I reasoned. Google somehow knew I wasn’t happy and inside I was ready to get out. Other than constant accusations me of being unfaithful we got along OK, but just OK. She wasn’t an intellectual. The only books she owned were Peanuts comics. She thought about my exes 10x more than I ever did, comparing her looks with each of them. Link