Game of Thrones is Back

George R. R. Martin’s world has always been famously complicated, and by design. The story of Westeros isn’t a simple one, just like the story of the real world isn’t a simple one. Rather than getting lost in the myopia of honor or ego, the wisest people—and the wiliesjat survivors—are those who understand the complex political, historical, and personal forces that shape events and see the world from a broader point of view, not unlike the audience itself. From that perspective, even kings and conquerors become little more than pawns in a bigger game that has been in motion for thousands of years. What’s the difference between how Littlefinger looks at his world and how Game of ThronesWiki contributors see it?

Probably very little – Wired

NL 10 Wetenswaardigheden – Een recap in 5 minuten

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