Many professional critics, not surprisingly, have scoffed at the idea that mere amateurs understand, let alone have the ability to rate, wine. In a 2012 column for the website Wine Spectator, critic Matt Kramer described the wisdom of the crowd as a “pernicious delusion.” “One hundred people who don’t know much about, say, Auxey-Duresses,” he wrote, “adds up to 100 muddied, baffled and often duplicative conclusions.” Critic Steve Body concurred in a 2014 post titled “Crowd-Sourced Ratings and Why They Suck” on his website ThePourFool: “The readers and users of these sites are almost always slaves to their personal preferences and current trends.”

That’s the standard knock against amateur critics. Compared with the paid professionals — who very often evaluate wines blind — they are untrained, are subject to bias, and lack expertise.

But is that true? Link

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